29 October 2011

Y'all Gonna Learn Chinese!

Ok, not Chinese.  Romanian.  But there are no awesome Romanian rappers who have come out with a video like this.  Yet.

But enough of this beating around the bush.  Who's gonna be BYU's latest and greatest Romanian teacher come Winter Semester???

THIS girl.  


Call me Professor Holden.  If you want. 

Ok, just Student Instructor Holden.  But that just sounds lame.  So I'll just go by Sarah.  

My Beginning Romanian students are going to luf me.  


  1. Congrats!! I'm pretty sure my beginning Spanish instructors were students, and I called them "Professor"... I'd say just go with it.

  2. I'd take Romanian if you were my teacher (cue the "awwww"s)! Do you have to make your own syllabus?

  3. sweet---i'm glad they saw that you were born for this job!