21 January 2014

2014: Turning Over a New Leaf. Actually, I just went ahead and uprooted the entire tree.

To begin, a formal apology to the blogging gods for my absence these past months. 2013 was a Mad World fail. Parlty because my world was particularly mad. Oh, woe is me! I'll explain in a separate post.

Alright, enough of that. Here goes 2014. I've never been one to set New Year's resolutions. They just weren't my thing. I was a lot better at setting short-term goals throughout the year. Less intimidating, less...I don't know...final. And so much easier to keep (and--let's face it--remember). But this year is different, as the title of this post implies. I started thinking about my resolutions in October of last year. I wanted them to be well-thought out. I wanted to give myself time for them to sink in. I weighed them all individually. I threw out some and kept others and continued refining the list until I came up with a handful of goals that I was genuinely excited about. 

I am also not usually one to publicize a list of my goals. I mean, what better way to parade around all your weaknesses. "Hey, everyone! This is what I suck at and am trying to improve! This is what I really want to accomplish and I'm going to look like a tool if I don't!" Not to mention the added sense of accountability that comes along with sharing my goals. Yeesh. 

That said, here goes nothing:

1. Make serving others a priority

My headliner quote for the year.

2. Learn a language

Preferably Russian.

3. No more gluten

Which sadly means no more doing this.

4. Exercise 4-5 times a week

This body ain't getting any younger.

5. Delete Facebook

This will free up time for #6 and #8 and life in general.

6. Research my family history

Even if it requires rummaging through graveyards in Ireland.
Yes, I realize there are two pictures of gravestones in a row. 

7. Budget my money

I thought I'd ask Congress to help me with this one.

8. Write in my journal and/or blog weekly

Writing is my creative outlet.

9. Frequent museums

10. Leave this continent 

The travel bug is itching something fierce. 

Several of these seem pretty ordinary. But all are rooted to a deeper cause. Something that I am working to change or develop in myself. I feel like I'm already doing fairly well on many of these and lagging behind on others. But there you go, world. All on the table. I trust you'll hold me to these. 

Happy New Year,