14 May 2012


This week I took my mooch to our nation's capital, where I was nothing less than inspired to found iMooch:  The DC Chapter.  Some of you may know that back in my early college years, my very moochy roommate, her moochy cousin and I started an iMooch group on Fboo to get the word out on all the free treasures to be discovered in the Provo metropolitan area.  That group has all but flat-lined since none of its original founders are living in Utah anymore.

Ergo, iMooch: The DC Chapter.  It will start with 2 fabulous discoveries I made whilst exploring the District of Taxation Without Representation this weekend.

First, the JW Marriott Convention Center at the Shops at National Place.  It's big and humongous and virtually empty, excepting a handful of men in business suits and security guards. Because it is The Shops, any one can go inside, but no one really goes to the convention center unless you need to FedEx something, or you indeed have a convention to attend. But I had to pee and that excuse trumps the previous two any day.  It didn't take more than a glance to the left, a glance to the right, and a tour of the extravagant bathroom to realize that this place was not meant to be nearly as accessible as it was.  But if there's one thing I've learned in my mooching career, it is that not a soul will question your motives so long as you 1.) don't dress like a bum, and 2.) look like you know what you're doing.  Due to the nature of my visit, I was walking around in a pencil skirt all day.  Not the most comfortable option, but golden for blending in at the JW.  I took my time freshening up in the aforementioned luxurious bathroom.   Then I found a nook with overstuffed sofas where I kicked up my feet and read a surprisingly un-extreme Glen Beck book while my phone charged at a desk. All the while helping myself to ice-cold lemon water that was just chilling in jugs all over the place, seemingly absent of any company other than my own.  Anyway, remember this place if you ever need to pee and/or re-charge in style.  

Second, Sprinkles Cupcakes in Georgetown has an app that gives you a secret "word of the day" that you can whisper to the cashier to get a free cupcake.  Something like the first 50 to whisper it get the goods.  But I'm not sure how strictly they adhere to that rule since it was almost 9:00 pm when we went and we both walked away with a delicious banana cupcake free of charge.  So basically if you live in Georgetown you can eat free cupcakes every day for the rest of your life.  I don't really see why you'd want to live anywhere else.  Shout out to Annie for this sacred iMooch insider's info.

By the end of the year iMooch: The DC Chapter should be up and running and serving the mooching masses of the Capital City.

08 May 2012


I now have a Smart Phone. A couple years kinda late, some may say.  At least 8 years too early, I say.  You remember how long it took me to get an iPod...
I love putting off gadget upgrades until the last possible minute.  It's a contest with myself to see how long I can survive.  I almost always win, considering the iPod was thrust upon me. 
So, naturally this is out of character.  

This is me whilst Smart Phone shopping yesterday:

03 May 2012


I told my brother, who's serving a mission in Atlanta, to focus his efforts on finding and teaching young, spry, black males who would join the Church, come to BYU, and consequently beef up our basketball team and add speed to the football team.  He's workin' on it.

On the flip side, it appears our hip hop dance team wants for nothing.  The Cougarettes are as white as ever and best in the nation.  Ironic.

Watch them here.