26 October 2011

Someone, please pay me to eat cookies

There comes a point in every young, white, middle-class, Mormon girl's life when she desperately wants money and will go to great lengths to get it (without having to work, obviously).  I already sold all my books on Amazon and have looked into the qualifications for donating plasma.  Maybe even a kidney.  So, I've decided to take the scholarly approach and apply for research grants and scholarships.  For anyone considering this option, just make sure your research costs NOTHING so you can keep all the grant money for yourself.  

Anyway, there have been many a late night of writing, critiquing, rewriting, dazing into space, and writing some more.  When I am in Will-Write-Extensive-Grant-Proposals-For-Money phase, my diet typically consists of cookies.  I'm talking Oreos by the sleeve-full.  And I have this disease that makes me think when there's still milk in my glass, I have permission to eat cookies until it disappears.  I only half blame myself because I purchase Oreos on a weekly basis.  All other cookies magically show up on our doorstep.  And they complement Oreos so well!  Downside of the Relief Society...

Given the repeated pattern of the past, like, 8 nights, I am starting to think that maybe this diet is not such a good idea. 

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