31 October 2011

Happy Hipster Halloween

[This enticing title fooled you into thinking you were going to immediately read some anecdote about hipsters.  I'll get there...I'll get there.]

Possibly my favorite Halloween pastime is scrolling though my Facebook newsfeed to find all the photos of slutty Halloween costumes that have been proudly posted.  I love all the sexy kitty cats, sexy high school principles, sexy pirates, etc.  It doesn't matter that all you're wearing is a push-up bra and daisy dukes, so long as you are also sporting a pair of cat ears, nerd glasses, or a pirate bandanna that clearly state to the world that you are, in fact, in a Halloween costume (and that this costume is a distinct variation from what you wear every other weekend).

Good times.  Love Halloween.

With that aside (but still on the same note of fashion), I bring to your attention an interesting New York Times article written about Mormon fashion.  Wait......What?

Mormon fashion?  Hah! When I first thought about that, it seemed a bit oxymoronic (spell check, how dare you tell me that is not a word), given the strict dress code that sets us apart from the rest of the world and often evokes such words as "prudish," "bland," and "Roman Catholic nun."  Yes.  It is true.  I guess you could say we take the "I-respect-my-body-and-want-others-to-respect-it-too" approach.  We cover our shoulders and thighs and boobs and butt cracks and try not to make a habit of draping ourselves in various cuts of meat.  We are the real freaks, Lady Gaga.  Dedicate your music to us.

So, can we possibly be fashionable and modest simultaneously?  Apparently, yes.  And we're actually good at it!  I use the term "we," though I would not venture to group myself into the category of highly fashionable Mormons.  My love of jeans and basic tees prevents me from ever being considered as such.  I actively follow this awesome modest fashion blog and sometimes think that maybe I'll apply her style advice to my own wardrobe one day.  But let's be real, peeps....

After reading the article, I thought, "hmm....perhaps Mormons really ARE more fashion-savvy than I give them credit for...I ought to look around more."  And so I did.  I looked around.  And who did I see but Elder Jeffery R. Holland chilling in Anthropologie in SLC this weekend.  Homeboy knows how to dress, too!  He was such a rockin' hipster!  Wanting to avoid being some awkward gawking fan, I didn't catch his entire ensemble, but the suede boots, suit vest with jeans, and just the fact that he was in Anthropologie proved to me that Mormons are hip.  Case in point, New York Times.  Shoulda interviewed Elder Holland to strengthen your argument and broaden your audience, but I still take my hat off to you.

Oh, and Happy Halloween:)

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  1. i've always wondered what the apostles' "non-church" style was like!! that's why my mormon celebrity gossip mag would be such a hit: there would be a whole section of "general authority personal style." I'm telling you, it would be a hit!