03 December 2011

This is not a mommy blog....I swear!

Ask my roommates and they will tell you that I've been sulking around our apartment this past week because we don't have a Christmas tree.  You see, I have this thing.  I collect ornaments from all the different countries and areas of the world I travel to.  And HOW am I supposed to show my collection off without a Christmas tree upon which to display them?!  I pulled out my darling Romanian nativity set, which definitely helped, but it ain't no tree.  

Like a British street urchin from the Industrial Revolution gazes dreamily at the window display of a candy store, I would longingly look through all the living room windows in my neighborhood and get a Grinch-like urge to steal their perfectly decorated, twinkling trees. 

Today, I couldn't stand it any longer.  I was overcome with the Christmas spirit and drove to Tai Pan Trading Co., intending to solve the tree void in my life.  But...holy frick fake trees are expensive!  So, I let the creative and frugal beast inside of me take charge.  And this is what I came up with:

So yeah it's a little Charlie Brown-esque, but I really like it.  The red cube ceramic vase was $8 and six faux pine branches were $1 each.  And since the vase is trying to look like a present anyway, I went ahead and helped it out by wrapping a bow around it. And voila!

How was THAT for a DIY, Pinterest-loving, mommy blog post?  I am a little ashamed... 


  1. Does being a mommy and having a blog make that blog instantly a mommy-blog? Love your Charlie Brown tree, by the way. Hope you're well!

  2. it's D-I-Y. Gosh, get it right!!

  3. We got our tree from DI a few years ago for $7 and its a nice one too.

  4. Gosh dang it, Annie, the ultimate craft blogger WOULD call me out! D-I-Y! Fixed.

  5. Hey! Don't diss Pinterest. And that's exciting for Matt! I didn't know he had a mission call.