04 December 2011

Happy Sunday: In the service of our God

Oh, the MTC.  Dropping my brother Matt off the other week was a surreal experience.  I felt like I was dropping off myself.  As we drove through the entrance with the car windows rolled down, at least 3 people yelled "Holden!"  I thought that they were trying to get my attention, but then I remembered that Matt has the same last name as I do.  Popular guy.  He looked so sharp in his suit and skinny black tie that I sent him from Romania.   

I didn't feel sad watching him wheel his luggage away as he was whisked off by the other missionaries.  Mostly, I was overcome with pride and excitement.  I'm so proud of Matt and the decision he's chosen to dedicate 2 years of his life to serving the Lord and His children in Atlanta.  And I'm excited for all the experiences--spiritual and crazy--that he is going to have in the Bible Belt (yeah, my mom forced him to study up hardcore on the New Testament in preparation...).

Within the same week, my best friend and roommate Lani Poppleton received her mission call to serve in the Kirtland Temple Visitor's Center in the Cleveland, OH mission.  Once again, I felt like it was I who was getting the call.  I had such a huge urge to put in my papers again and get a second call--to relive all the memorable moments I had in Romania.  

Missionary work is a truly incredible thing.  Focusing on nothing but teaching the gospel and helping others come closer to Christ.  No bills or grades or boyfriends to worry about.  Just peoples' happiness and salvation.  Never have I had a greater purpose than that.  Now that I have been home for nearly a year, I can see the stark contrast.  Here, it's easy to lose sight of what's truly important in life.  Sometimes that clear perspective I had on my mission is clouded by school and work stress.  This is why I love seeing friends and family open mission calls, watching them prepare to leave, and volunteering with the missionaries at the MTC.  It's refreshing, and it reminds me what really matters.

Happy Sunday,


  1. such a great post. for a second i thought your first picture was taken maybe from an "accidental" meeting at the temple today!

  2. So excited for Matt and his opportunity to serve a mission. You were and are a great example to him!