23 December 2011

Progression Into Adulthood

How do I know I am becoming an adult?  Well, there are certain milestones by which I can measure my progress.  I hit one of them a couple days ago at our annual O'Brien Family Christmas Cookie Decorating Extravaganza:  I was the cookie maker.  The one who is stuck in the kitchen rolling out the dough, meticulously selecting cookie cutters based on this year's popular demand, and pumping out sugar cookies by the hundreds to keep the decorators satisfied.  I've never been on this end before.  All my life, it has been my mom.  But since she had to work a little late, I was appointed to fill her post.  I felt like a real adult.  Like I was going through some rite into O'Brien womanhood.  Like when you graduate from the Kid's Table and get to sit with the Grown Ups.  And then I just felt old and exhausted and longed to go back to the Kid's Table and do the decorating, which is obviously the funnest part.  

A toast to never growing up!

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