10 December 2011

The Racial Slurs I am Allowed to Say

So I'm wrapping up with a sociology class on racial minorities.  I'd venture to say it's the most diverse class on BYU campus, which isn't saying much.  But the 5 black students, the 2 Mexicans, the Kiwi girl, and a smattering of Tongans keep it flavorful and applicable.  When we watch Civil Rights documentaries we can all awkwardly stare at the black kids and see how they react.  And when we read a book called "Mongrels, Bastards, Orphans, and Vagabonds" about Mexican immigration to the U.S., we have living representatives of Mexican-American assimilation right there in the classroom.  Sadly, however, class is never as spicy as I'd expect it to be, considering the controversial topics we discuss.  I'm always secretly hoping one of the minority students will get worked up into a sort of "I Have a Dream" speech, or share some crazy personal soap-box story about how they were born in the back of a car that was speeding away from Border Patrol.  Gosh dang it, why are you all so satisfied and content to be living in Provo (which is basically Narnia, after being cursed by the White Witch)????

The first video was shared with me by my former roommate and long-time Japanese friend, Katie.  So now I'm totally allowed to say this. (Warning: language)

The second is in honor of the O'Brien side of my family, so I'm allowed to say this as well.  


  1. I'd venture to say, Sarah, that's it might be because many of the students in your class are not minorities who come from poverty-stricken lower class. That's just a guess, but considering they're at BYU, there might be some truth to it.

    The world seems to be dividing more and more along economic rather than racial lines, though of course there is often a correlation.

  2. i just wanted to make it known that i blog stalk you proudly. also, gingers make me uncomfortable, i'm not even joking. but i'd still make love to conan.

  3. ?!?! Why don't I see your blog posts when they update? I just spent the last hour catching up and watching a disturbing 6:18 minute Bollywood clip on your Facebook. I saw your Christmas Tree, and I'm beginning to think our gold and silver pre lit Big Lot Trees didn't make it after 4 years lol.

    "Ginga say what?"