30 June 2011

"It's a hat, you silly brat!"

One billion points for the person who can name that movie quote.

So I went to The Happiest Place on Earth yesterday.  And it really is just that.  It's timeless.  Ageless.  All your worldly cares seem to dissipate the moment you park in a lot named after Woody or Donald Duck.  You don't even mind that the parking space cost you $15 and it's out in the middle of nowhere.  Because you're at Disneyland and for just one day you can wear an outrageous hat without a second thought.  No one will judge you because you have Mickey Mouse or Goofy ears hanging from your head.  In fact, your respectability increases with the eccentricity of your head wear.

Still, there remains the fear of being judged based off other...character traits.  As we boarded the Finding Nemo submarine, the boys sitting on the row of fold-down chairs next to my cousin Katie sat down as far apart as possible.  This was most likely an attempt to prove to the rest of us that they were, in fact, not homosexual.  Katie said, "uh, guys, I need to pull down my seat."  The kid reluctantly scooted closer to his friend (gay alert! gay alert!).  A quick glance at him left me puzzled.  I thought to myself, "I don't know what's gayer: you sitting next to your guy friend, or the fact that you are wearing a chipmunk on your head."

Case in point.

22 June 2011

Call Me a Heathen, But...

...I think The Book of Mormon Musical is HILARIOUS!  And the music is absolutely fantastic!  Any Mormon who is genuinely offended by this show needs to bear in mind that satire is what Broadway does best.  If people went to the theatre looking to be strictly informed and educated, we would have a world filled with naive robots who believe that alley cats go to balls, mermaids exist, a masked man lurks under every opera house, it's normal to invite three of your mom's ex-lovers to your wedding hoping one of them will be your dad, umbrellas are aviation devices, oh and so are broomsticks for that matter.

I admit I was slightly worried when I caught wind of the outrageous success of The Book of Mormon.  "Great, another stab at the LDS Church.  What's new."  But then I listened to the complete playlist and realized that everything mocked and spoofed is exactly what we as Mormons lightheartedly make fun of when talking about our own religion.  It's all in good humor, folks.  And I'm pretty positive that the audience is aware it's blatantly not official doctrine.  Despite its crude language, The Book of Mormon offers a few solid reminders to Latter-day Saints (especially those of you in Utah Valley, sorry guys):  the world is not a blissful bubble of casseroles, scrap booking, and pinewood derbies.  I can't imagine any of these things matter to an AIDS-ridden Angolan refugee who got his hands sliced off by rebel terrorists.  Just a thought to keep it all in perspective.  I can't say I'll actually pay money to see the show.  Mostly because of its vulgarity.  But the music sure was entertaining.  And in no way am I doubting my beliefs after listening to it.

My name is Sarah and I'm a Mormon.

18 June 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

These past couple of days....ok, months really....have been a whirlwind of events that culminated in last night's send-off of Annie and Victor as the new Mr. and Mrs. Castro.  Ah, weddings.  Flowers, music, toasts, kissing, dancing, dresses, tuxes, oooo's, aaaah's....  They're meant to be joyous occasions.  And they are, for the most part.  But there is a certain depressing element to all weddings.  Perhaps this depression is brought on by aching feet after standing for literally hours on 4-inch heels.  Maybe it's cramped cheek bones from smiling too much for the the bazillions of pictures.  It could be the headache caused by pounds of hairspray and bobby pins.  Or maybe it's none of these things.  Maybe it's watching your best friend ride away in a carriage with her new husband and then wondering, "who am I going to hang out with tomorrow?"

The thought hit me like a ton of bricks.  I'd been complaining to both Annie and Victor that they were abandoning me like a stray puppy (for those who actively read by mission letters, you know my soft spot for homeless dogs, especially the really mangy, flee-ridden ones.  So the comparison is particularly meaningful).  But I didn't truly feel the weight of that complaint until all the hype was over and I was left standing in the middle of the street, near a puddle of pee left by the horse who whisked my friends off to their new life together.

My friends are steadily dropping like flies, succumbing to the disease that turns lovers into spouses.  I think its latin name is truis lovulus maximus.  Good thing friends are a dime a dozen--disposable, replaceable, with little to no sentimental value.  Obviously I don't believe a word I just wrote, because I am checking out plane tickets to the east coast so I can crash the happy couple's first Thanksgiving together.  Promise I'm not selfish.

But in all honesty, I'm so happy for you two (if you're reading this while you're on your honeymoon, shame on you).  Your mini Royal Wedding was the highlight of Spring!  Best of luck on all your new adventures.  Thanks for the good times.  Va iubesc!

15 June 2011

An Excellent Post-Finals Reminder

                                   Don't forget what's truly important.  Life is incredible.

08 June 2011

My Natural High

Why is procrastination such a rush????  I thrive off of it.  I occupied by entire day with little chores and random errands, consciously keeping myself busy to avoid writing my history paper on the Spanish flu (with that topic, you would too).  If I didn't procrastinate on school work, my laundry and house cleaning would never get done.  I see it as a good thing.

7:30: Wake up.  Blog stalk.
8:00:  Discover Elder Shillabeer is home from Romania and talk with him on Facebook.
9:00:  Eat a leisurely breakfast and read the Ensign.
9:45:  Shower time.
10:00:  What the heck, I'll curl my hair today!
10:30:  Motivated by nothing other than money, I force myself to work.
12:30:  Get my bridesmaid dress for Annie's wedding tailored.
1:00:  NEED.  MORE.  MONEY. (I work from home.  It's a blessing and a curse.)
3:00: Hmm....I never do laundry.  Now's the perfect time!
4:00:  Skype with Elder Shillabeer (sorry, TOM) and wishing that I could be in England instead of staring at him through a webcam.
6:00:  Why am I on Facebook again???
7:00:  Dinner group.  I NEVER go to dinner groups, let alone stay and chat.  That was a first.
9:00:  Confine myself to the library.
11:00:  Take a walk around the stacks for fresh air.
11:30:  Submit paper.

I even had a half hour to spare.  Look how efficient I am!

06 June 2011

Oh Hey, Charles

Charles Abouo waved to me today as I exited the gym in all my sweaty, unshowered glory.  It's gonna be a good day today.

02 June 2011


I have a feeling it's a combination of
a.) going out dancing 4 nights in a row last week until the wee hours of the morning
b.) waking up at 6:15 a.m. for a dumb early class that I am regretting registering for
c.) being pushed into a freezing cold pool after working up a sweat at Zumba last night
d.) eating too much Nutella......?  Nah.
e.) not watching enough Parks and Recreation because Hulu is being selfish and won't post the newest episode