22 June 2011

Call Me a Heathen, But...

...I think The Book of Mormon Musical is HILARIOUS!  And the music is absolutely fantastic!  Any Mormon who is genuinely offended by this show needs to bear in mind that satire is what Broadway does best.  If people went to the theatre looking to be strictly informed and educated, we would have a world filled with naive robots who believe that alley cats go to balls, mermaids exist, a masked man lurks under every opera house, it's normal to invite three of your mom's ex-lovers to your wedding hoping one of them will be your dad, umbrellas are aviation devices, oh and so are broomsticks for that matter.

I admit I was slightly worried when I caught wind of the outrageous success of The Book of Mormon.  "Great, another stab at the LDS Church.  What's new."  But then I listened to the complete playlist and realized that everything mocked and spoofed is exactly what we as Mormons lightheartedly make fun of when talking about our own religion.  It's all in good humor, folks.  And I'm pretty positive that the audience is aware it's blatantly not official doctrine.  Despite its crude language, The Book of Mormon offers a few solid reminders to Latter-day Saints (especially those of you in Utah Valley, sorry guys):  the world is not a blissful bubble of casseroles, scrap booking, and pinewood derbies.  I can't imagine any of these things matter to an AIDS-ridden Angolan refugee who got his hands sliced off by rebel terrorists.  Just a thought to keep it all in perspective.  I can't say I'll actually pay money to see the show.  Mostly because of its vulgarity.  But the music sure was entertaining.  And in no way am I doubting my beliefs after listening to it.

My name is Sarah and I'm a Mormon.

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  1. I'm glad you posted this. I saw them perform part of a song on the Tony Awards, but I turned it off because I was feeling defensive about the whole thing. But, taken at face value, some of our beliefs do sound a little wacky, which makes perfect material for a musical. Thanks for the perspective!
    BTW, being a Mormon and all, it's surprising how annoyed I get by Mormon culture. Utah Valley... *shudder*