14 October 2012

Happy Sunday: Why I'm a Mormon

I like this man's story. His reasons for becoming a Mormon are simple and pure. Having grown up in the segregated South, he states that he "didn't join  the Church for cultural reasons...obviously."

That rung true with me.

I am not a member of this church because it is trendy...obviously.
Nor because I have loads of free time and have nothing better to do than attend church meetings and other activities, like, thousands of hours each month (only semi exaggerating here)...obviously.
Nor because I feel "at home" when eating funeral potatoes and Jell-O and rehashing family pioneer stories...obviously.

Mormon culture is so far from who I am I often feel like I'm on the outside, looking in. But that doesn't bother me. That doesn't make me question my beliefs or doubt the lifestyle I've chosen to live. Because the only reason I am a Mormon is because of the doctrine--the doctrine that makes up the pure, unadulterated, divinely-restored gospel of Jesus Christ . It is true and I cannot deny it.

Happy Sunday,

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