28 February 2014

Home Sweet House of Cards

I watched both seasons of House of Cards over the past two weeks. It's horrifying and disturbing and caused debilitating sleep deprivation and overall made me seriously consider moving out of this deranged circus. I live right next to Rock Creek Park, which would make a prime location to stash a dead body. But then I remembered that my car is registered here until 2016, so I'm trapped like Rachel Posner is trapped in her janky Baltimore apartment (bad joke). I'm also dangerously suspicious of my own politician family members and I think it's starting to show. 

Would I recommend watching House of Cards? About as much as I would recommend looking away from a train wreck. 


  1. I started watching it...and then stopped wanting to move to DC. So I had to force myself to stop watching it. Hardest thing I've ever done.

  2. Ha ha ha! Oh, my goodness. I watched the first episode of the first season (everyone SWORE I'd love it...), and I was horrified and thankfully stopped there. Ha! Good thing too, bc I hear the rest of it just... SUCKS you in!