28 April 2011

Mrs. Thornton

Currently, I am relishing in a free one-month Netflicks trial.  What's new, right?  Well, since this is a fleeting luxury, I feel the need to take full advantage.  I watch a movie every night before I go to bed. Probably not the best use of my time, but come the end of the free trial, I will most certainly go back to occupying my free time with pleasure reading, cooking, gardening, needlework, and brushing up on Latin......yeeeaaah....

The other night, I watched North and South.  What a great movie.  Filled with intrigue, darkness, romance, and child labor.  How is it that the BBC can make soooo many movies set in 19th-century England about the Industrial Revolution and marrying for love vs. money????  There's gotta be like 800 of them.  And they're ALL FANTASTIC and they ALL HAVE THE HOTTEST, MOST DASHING BRITISH ACTORS!  Where do they find these people???  I never considered English men very attractive.  Sure they have the charming accent, but more often than not they are pasty and scrawny and have hideous teeth.  I think the BBC has it's own test tube laboratory for producing hot male actors.  Either that or they import them from Ireland and make them adjust their accent.

While I am in England this summer, I will be viewing the sights and countryside with the secret wish that Mr. Thornton will pop out from behind a majestic oak tree or the corner of a sweatshop and ask me to marry him (without wasting any time on dating or the frivolities that those British conveniently skip before getting right to the point and proposing).


  1. "I don't want to possess you! I wish to marry you because I love you!"

    I LOVE MR. THORNTON. After I watched this the first time, I was so giddy about Mr. Thornton...I think that it bugged Victor ha ha.

  2. Have you seen the newest BBC version of Persuasion?

    All I can say is, Holy British Cow.

    I could just die in his perfectly tousled dark blonde hair...

  3. Haha! I love everything about this post, especially the part about sweatshops and test tube laboratories that produce hot British men. I think every woman is waiting for her 19th century fictional British character to come whisk her away. I'm still waiting for Colonel Brandon, a la Sense and Sensibility.

  4. OOOOOO Colonel Brandon... I'm reading Sense and Sensibility right now and it is impossible to do so without Alan Rickman's deep, rumbly, sultry voice in my head.

  5. Seriously. Who knew Professor Snape was such a stud?

  6. I love all of these, especially Mr Thornton. And there are plenty of handsome men over here in England, you just got to know where to look