27 April 2011

Hristos a inviat!

This past weekend I attempted to relive the Romanian Easter I spent with Annie a year ago in Pitesti.  We went to the Greek Orthodox cathedral in Salt Lake City for the midnight mass.  I had very high hopes and even got giddy when I saw several middle-aged women with the oh-so-trendy "Romanian Red" hair.  Well, it wasn't all that great.  Nothing compared to the little Orthodox monastery we went to last year in the woods.  The priest wasn't that believable.  Maybe because he looked way too American and didn't sport the Paul Bunyan beard.  They did the "Hristos a inviat...adevarat a inviat!" thing ("Christ resurrected...True dat, he resurrected!") but it was in Greek so it didn't have it's full effect.  It's the greeting that everyone uses everywhere on Easter and the 40 days that follow.

                                 Easter in Pitesti, Romania 2010.
                                      I sure do miss creepy Romanian men.
                                 Easter in SLC, Utah 2011.  Close, but no cigar.
        I spent Easter Sunday with the Annie and her family.  He we are in our pretty Easter dresses.

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  1. I hope i can spend next easter with you too. we can go to the real romanian orthodox church in D.C. I AM BEING SERIOUS!!