10 April 2011

The Cupcake Revolution

While I was on my mission, it appears that two fads have swept the country:  iPads and cupcakes.  I'd say that's excellent progress, America!  Well done!  I don't really understand either of the fads.  The former, because I am a techno-tard and never catch on to anything technologically advanced.  I think my mom thought I had a sort of syndrome, because she bought me my first iPod when I got back from Romania.  I didn't ask for it.  I think she was just confused as to why her only daughter was so astonishingly far behind.  As far as cupcakes go, this is a fad I REALLY don't get, but which I promote anyway.  I would be a fool not to.  I feel like cupcakes are the cucumber sandwich of the early-21st Century.  Since when did a slice of cucumber smashed between white bread embody class and sophistry?  You're better off not asking questions.  It did in Jane Austen's day.  Likewise, don't ask why cupcakes are the new way to express how refined you are.  Just accept it, like every fleeting fad that comes and goes.  Remember pizza bagels?  Baby Bottle Pops?  Now those are two trends in the food industry that moved mountains.    

 This is Annie.  She is the dirty culprit who has gotten me hooked on every cupcake cafe in Utah Valley.
This winner is a Mexican chocolate cupcake, found at the Cocoa Bean Cafe.  The cinnamon is the key.  And the fact that the chocolate chips are glittery.


  1. raspberry chocolate cheesecake takes all.

  2. Hahaha I've never thought of the cupcake revolution in that way! So true! (Although it still hasn't hit the north shore of Hawaii so I haven't truly experience the sophistry first-hand.) I love your blog, by the way. I giggle to myself every time I read it.