02 April 2011

Me Rike Study Rong Time!

Sitting in the library. Saturday night. Chin to my left, Chong to my right. It's just me and the Asians tonight. I am literally the only white person in the entire LRC. I knew I joined BYU Asians freshman year for a reason!

I love these guys. They know the meaning of true work and sacrifice. Here they are, blowing everyone's GPA out of the water when they could be at, say, the Nickelcade. Or Demae Sushi restaurant. Which is where I ate lunch today, oddly enough. What a very Oriental day this is.

Review my history of Asian association and fascination:

In Sitges, Spain with Emily and Eurah
Katie and Curtis at the Rex E. Lee Run
In Sienna, Italy with the Asian Invasion
My dear cousin Tony
We Asian!


  1. You forgot one btw:

  2. hahaha, YES. Great picture. Epitomizes our relationship.