25 March 2011

Good Things Come to Those who...Wait 'til Midnight

Here I sit in the HBLL, otherwise known as the BYU library, pounding out my research paper for my Holocaust class. It's nearly midnight and my eyes are burning and my stomach's growling, and did I mention it's Friday? Yes, I am THAT hip and cool. I'm going on 5 straight hours with no Modern Family break. I'm pretty proud of myself. However, I am allowing myself a blog break to share some good news. Despite the wretched day that it was (welcome to the last 3 weeks of the semester!), God has thrown in a perk here and there, enabling me to smile through all the frustration that comes with the end of the school year.

1.) I woke up this morning and didn't even feel depressed that BYU lost last night against Florida. I was certain I would wake up to find wives and children mourning in the streets and all American flags at half-mast. But I'm just pleased and extremely proud that they made it to the Sweet 16 and had an incredible season. Love ya, Cougs:)

2.) I work with a Romanian girl. We're writing a teacher's guide for the Romanian 101 class next Fall Semester. We were working on it yesterday at her house and she made SARMALE (deeee-lish Romanian specialty: pork and rice wrapped in pickled cabbage leaves, boiled and topped with sour cream) and like any normal Romanian, she loaded me up with leftovers and I ate them for lunch today. HEAVEN.

3.) That Enlightenment exam essay (a.k.a. party in the Testing Center) I wrote about forever ago? I finally got my grade back: A :)

4.) For the Innovative Instruction Competition, we were supposed to hear back today if we are among the finalists. Noon: nothing. 3 o'clock: nothing. 7 o'clock: nothing. I kept checking my email like every 4 minutes. What the heck! Our entry was the BOMB! We were sure to be a finalist! Well, 10:50 pm rolled around and the email finally came. Verdict: affirmative! We present our stuff/charm the judges next week. So, instead of writing about Mihai Eminescu's anti-Semitic poetry like I should be, I have spent the last half hour planning on how I'm going to spend (or save) the $750 that will be mine all mine if we win this thing.

The library nazi just came on the intercom. They're kicking me out. Peace!

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  1. Sarah...
    You take me back---
    To my days (and nights) in the BYU library and Romania! Thanks for the walk.