17 March 2011

Tribute to St. Patrick

To any of the O'Brien women who read this:This is a shout-out to Dark Horse, Benny from Rattle the Boards, George "Dubya" Walker Bush, the leprechaun that stole the drunk man's jacket, (I'll even throw in the 2 Scottish guys in London), and all the strapping men that make Ireland so...special. May I point out that 3 of the men mentioned above were from one pub. In Ennis. Ennis breeds the best, I guess. Katie, I hope you remember all of this as well as I do, hah. This song is from Benny to you:)

I love you, Ireland. And the fact that you don't have any snakes because St. Pat got rid of them all. Which is why he's a saint of course. I love your impossible roads and your stony walls and your hills (and rolling down them) and your music scene and your dancing and your pub food and your sheep and your people and their outrageous stories. And I can't wait to come back to you this summer! CHEERS!

1 comment:

  1. I remember that picture of you two rolling down the hill from your MySpace page! Remember MySpace? I want to go to Ireland soooo bad. You should take me sometime so you can show me all the cool places.