18 March 2011

What's Been Growing in my Fridge...

So when I got home from my mission, I wanted to take an easy load of credits. You know, a relatively chill semester and smooth adjustment back into academia. Ok, basically I just wanted free time to catch up on 18 months worth of missed movies.

Well, as usual, things didn't go quite as planned. The mere 13 credits I registered for were the worst possible 13 credits I could ever have picked. And I took on a crazy job (which I love, but it's a rat race) AND my boss convinced me to take on THIS: an Innovative Instruction Competition, put on by the School of Education here at BYU. It's like a business plan competition---which I used to attend annually for the free t-shirts (Katie...help me out here)---but instead of a plan for a business, it's more like a plan for a teaching curriculum. I've been wanting to get into education reform, so I couldn't really turn down the opportunity.

A team of three other girls and I have been working all semester on this project. For the love of the subject, but yes, mostly because we FREAKIN' WANT $3000 AND iPADS! The finalists are announced next week. Here's to SUCCESS!

Oh wait, you want to know WHAT it is we invented??? Check out our video pitch here. We're just a lil' bit proud. The links to some of our materials (some cool stuff, but mostly boring stuff for the judges) are here.


PS: Lani, you're totally in the video without your permission! Don't sue me. I wanted Jimmer to be in it, but his press schedule was booked. You were the next best thing:)

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  1. Think of how many t-shirts you could buy with $3000!!! Good luck!