18 October 2012

Priorities, or A Lesson in Budgeting

My first day of work started with an all-staff meeting where the organization's annual budget was discussed. We talked about where to cut costs. Like not printing everything on fancy shmancy paper with pounds of CMYK. And not throwing laptops around like Nerf balls, so they last a little longer (buzzkill). 


This is me in the office every single day. MAY I MAKE ONE SUGGESTION? How about we turn the A.C. down???  I guarantee it will save trillions of dollars. It's like frickin Siberia in this place.

On the bright side, the bagel budget was not slashed and we still get tasty bagels every Monday and Tuesday and there is about $200 worth of assorted cream cheeses in the kitchen at any given time. So I have that to warm my soul. 

1 comment:

  1. My first day of work started off with an "who the F are you?"