08 June 2011

My Natural High

Why is procrastination such a rush????  I thrive off of it.  I occupied by entire day with little chores and random errands, consciously keeping myself busy to avoid writing my history paper on the Spanish flu (with that topic, you would too).  If I didn't procrastinate on school work, my laundry and house cleaning would never get done.  I see it as a good thing.

7:30: Wake up.  Blog stalk.
8:00:  Discover Elder Shillabeer is home from Romania and talk with him on Facebook.
9:00:  Eat a leisurely breakfast and read the Ensign.
9:45:  Shower time.
10:00:  What the heck, I'll curl my hair today!
10:30:  Motivated by nothing other than money, I force myself to work.
12:30:  Get my bridesmaid dress for Annie's wedding tailored.
1:00:  NEED.  MORE.  MONEY. (I work from home.  It's a blessing and a curse.)
3:00: Hmm....I never do laundry.  Now's the perfect time!
4:00:  Skype with Elder Shillabeer (sorry, TOM) and wishing that I could be in England instead of staring at him through a webcam.
6:00:  Why am I on Facebook again???
7:00:  Dinner group.  I NEVER go to dinner groups, let alone stay and chat.  That was a first.
9:00:  Confine myself to the library.
11:00:  Take a walk around the stacks for fresh air.
11:30:  Submit paper.

I even had a half hour to spare.  Look how efficient I am!


  1. lol, sometimes I'll just be sitting at my computer and I'll unconsciously open a new window and Facebook will be looking at me... it controls our thoughts!

  2. not only that, but then you feel even more accomplished that you could pull off writing a paper in such a short amount of time, rather than feel that it would have been better if you hadn't procrastinated. I LOVE COLLEGE.