18 June 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

These past couple of days....ok, months really....have been a whirlwind of events that culminated in last night's send-off of Annie and Victor as the new Mr. and Mrs. Castro.  Ah, weddings.  Flowers, music, toasts, kissing, dancing, dresses, tuxes, oooo's, aaaah's....  They're meant to be joyous occasions.  And they are, for the most part.  But there is a certain depressing element to all weddings.  Perhaps this depression is brought on by aching feet after standing for literally hours on 4-inch heels.  Maybe it's cramped cheek bones from smiling too much for the the bazillions of pictures.  It could be the headache caused by pounds of hairspray and bobby pins.  Or maybe it's none of these things.  Maybe it's watching your best friend ride away in a carriage with her new husband and then wondering, "who am I going to hang out with tomorrow?"

The thought hit me like a ton of bricks.  I'd been complaining to both Annie and Victor that they were abandoning me like a stray puppy (for those who actively read by mission letters, you know my soft spot for homeless dogs, especially the really mangy, flee-ridden ones.  So the comparison is particularly meaningful).  But I didn't truly feel the weight of that complaint until all the hype was over and I was left standing in the middle of the street, near a puddle of pee left by the horse who whisked my friends off to their new life together.

My friends are steadily dropping like flies, succumbing to the disease that turns lovers into spouses.  I think its latin name is truis lovulus maximus.  Good thing friends are a dime a dozen--disposable, replaceable, with little to no sentimental value.  Obviously I don't believe a word I just wrote, because I am checking out plane tickets to the east coast so I can crash the happy couple's first Thanksgiving together.  Promise I'm not selfish.

But in all honesty, I'm so happy for you two (if you're reading this while you're on your honeymoon, shame on you).  Your mini Royal Wedding was the highlight of Spring!  Best of luck on all your new adventures.  Thanks for the good times.  Va iubesc!

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