22 October 2011

Facebook Photography

I've contemplated long and hard on the phenomenon of Facebook creating a slew of amateur photographers.  In some ways (rarely), it has done wonders in producing quite remarkable photography skills.  In other ways (nearly always), nothing but narcissistic Profile Pic photo shoots on train tracks and in graffiti-adorned alleys have resulted.

Today, I found this.  THIS is what I'm talking about, peeps.

Take a gander through the following prime examples of the photography monsters that Facebook has created (I kid you not, I pulled these off of random Facebook profiles just now in about 5 minutes.  I might be friends with some of them....Hopefully they don't read my blog...).

"Man, do I really look that good in the morning?  I'm running late for work but I gotta go get my camera.  People need to see how hot I am post-shower."

"Maybe if I seductively cover my face with scraggly bangs, people won't know that I have cataracts on one eye and a pirate patch on the other."

"Look at me, I'm a contortionist!  How abnormally can I contort my head to freak people out and make myself look like a crazed Chuckie doll?!"  

"Yes, everyone, I'm pregnant!  Weeeee I'm so excited to be a mommy!  And as you can see from this super cute profile picture, my hubby and I are expecting a plucked chicken!"

"Rawrrrrr!  I'm so sexy!  Ima seduce you with my cat-like stare of death!"

"If eating sand doesn't turn you ladies on, I don't know what does."

"If chugging beer from a flower vase doesn't turn you ladies on, I better go back to using the sand-eating picture."

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  1. you might lose some fb friends over this! just like the time jakob grimmius needed examples of "euro trash" so he took photos from his fb friends. but, it gets your point across...so oh well!