07 October 2011

Unfortunate Tragedy #42

Welp.  I lost my wallet.  My precious little Scottish wool plaid wallet that my mom bought me in Edinburgh this summer is now drowning in the dregs of a cesspool, fighting for air among rough draft research papers, empty Creamery chocolate milk bottles, granola bar wrappers, and notebook paper with a 4-year plan written on one side and a game of MASH scribbled on the other.  Typical treasures found in the BYU library trashcans.  Yes.  Yes.  I threw away my wallet last night, ok.  YES.  What!  I was delirious!  It was 11:30 p.m.  I had been slaving away on a paper that I somehow thought was due at midnight (it wasn't).  My dinner consisted of one of those giant Grandmother's sugar cookies slathered with a pound of delicious pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles.  I clearly wasn't thinking straight, people!  Pray tell, what would you do in such a situation?  Throw your wallet in a trashcan, obviously.

So, I'm waiting for the call.  The one that will grant me permission to have a dumpster diving rave with myself this afternoon.  Apparently it's illegal to just dive in on a whim.  You gotta talk to, like, the CEO of garbage collection to do that sort of thing.  I hope the call comes, as I really want my wallet back.  But mostly I just want an excuse to draw a picture of me flailing around in massive dumpster.


  1. Well, I won't spoil the rest of the story for those who don't know it. Let's just say I was so glad you showered before we all hung out tonight.

    You did shower, right?

  2. I lost mine when I was in Maine. It was a Friday night, my only mode of transportation was my feet, I had no money or ID, I didn't know anyone in the state. I hitched a ride to town where I could make a call, kind people gave me $60 (to survive the weekend), canceled all my cards, and got invited to a sweet bluegrass concert. Spicy indeed.

  3. I threw away my retainer once...but that was ok because I hated it anyway.

    Love your rendering of the ubiquitous Creamery bottle. I hope BYU is recycling those things, because if not I'm pretty sure we're responsible for a Superfund site wherever those are ending up.