30 April 2012

Road trip to my past

My exodus from Utah began like this:

I have decided that this is where I belong.

The 12-hour journey up through Montana and into Home Sweet Panhandle flew by.  Mainly because entertainment consisted of listening to MCAT prep sessions (not for me, obviously) and old Russell Brand radio shows.  Excellent combo.

And then, we made it.  My beloved Idahoan paradise.  Behold:

Ze view from ze house

For those of you who may not know, I went to high school in Northern Idaho and we're selling the house we built up there.  So long, House.  I hope someone loving and wonderful buys you.  Someone who appreciates the joy of living amongst moose and mountain lions and ferocious biting bees, on a dirt road, with no cell reception, miles away from civilization.  I will miss you.

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