08 April 2012

Carpet Angels

At Easter dinner with some people in my ward, we talked about our family Easter traditions.  This was one of many realization I've had throughout my adult years that my family is crazy.

We decorate 144 eggs.  And by decorate I don't just mean dye every color of the rainbow. I mean dye, then paint, then detail with the artistic precision of Michelangelo.  These things are works of art, but not all of them in the sense that you'd think.  I'm talking made to look like citrus or rolled in freshly cut grass for camouflage purposes on my grandparents orange grove-covered property.  Some turn out like little Asian men or pirates.

While my Gma is at the grocery store picking up last minute food items for our Easter feast, she will undoubtedly meet someone in the dairy section who she insists she is related to, and then invite them to our Easter party.  Each year promises to find at least a family or 2 who no one knows and who by no means are we even remotely related to.

What I love most about any O'Brien feast is the ceremonial sprawling-out on the carpet that immediately follows the meal.  This is an attempt to appease our fully bellies that we just stuffed with twice our weight in food.  We call it....carpet angles. Carpet angels are a tradition among some of the women in the O'Brien family.  They are the indoor cousin of snow angels and I'll be damned if there is a method that speeds up digestion better.  

Happy Easter.


  1. what?! i'm so mad your grandma never thought I was related to you guys.

  2. I remember being a non-related family one year! Best easter egg hunt I've ever been to... although I must have missed the carpet angels part, I'm sure that would have stuck with me ;)