29 April 2012

BA with a BA!

Har har har. Ho ho ho.  Hah hah hah.  Hoo hoo hoo.  I'm particularly proud of this post title.  Gosh I'm clever.

But fo' realz, guys.  I graduated.  Finito.  Fini.  Terminat.  DONE.  NO MORE SCHOOL EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!.....until grad school.  But until then...NO MORE SCHOOL EVERRRRRR!!!!!

With my diploma (Uh...well, diploma case with a sample diploma inside.  But let's not split hairs here.) in hand and a head-full of 4 years-worth of both awesome and useless information, I am ready to conquer the world!  My BA in European Studies and French Minor are my golden keys to success.  All you peeps who had "practical" majors like econ or accounting, go eat your hearts out because I know you're wasting away in dullness at your boring desk job.  Did your department host a convocation ceremony with a spicy Venezuelan band and a REALLY SPICY (awesomely pushing Honor Code limits) tango performance?  Doubt it.  'Cause that's what we're all about at the Kennedy Center for International Studies: equipping ourselves with ultra-useful degrees in European Studies or Middle Eastern Studies or whatever and then using our presumptuously pedantic expertise in foreign affairs to save the world....mostly by sitting around eating brie and talking about saving the world.

Kidding.  Obviously.  You love your desk job.  The world needs you. I need you.  I need a job. And a desk.  A desk job, even.

Well, folks. It's been a memorable...6 years.  Yes, 6 years--an 18-month mission, a Study Abroad with minimal emphasis on study, and ice skating and Irish dance classes will prolong anyone's college career.  It's been great.  Since the moment I moved into my janky shoebox dorm room in D.T.


Oh, D.T. I'm so honored I had the privilege of living within your prison-like brick walls as they crumbled (literally) around me and the nastified carpet and gooey showers that certainly made me immune to any form of fungus I could possibly pick up anywhere in the world. Cheers.


I couldn't get out of Utah fast enough but at the same time I'm plotting my next trip back.  It's a horrendous love-hate relationship.  Toxic.  Most of you who read this have relocated to Provo for college and know the feeling. I am tremendously happy and relieved to be gone.  But I won't deny that I have left bits of my heart in the following places/objects:  [Kind of a gross analogy.  But I can't be bothered to delete it and think of another one. At least I said 'bits' and not 'shards' or 'sinews' or something.]

-The mountains.  Mt. Timp staring me in the face.  Begging me to hike her.
-International Cinema.  Great foreign films for free, with all the Euro boobs and saggy butts conveniently edited out.
-Free stuff EVERYWHERE. Coupons, student discounts, 2-fers.  But mostly free stuff.  Time to retire my iMooch group on Fboo.
-Home basketball games
-The Chocolate.  And everything associated with it.
-Pendulum Court
-The JFSB 4th floor patio
-Provo Farmer's Market
-There's more. Enough to devote a second blog post to.

The worst is when you discover something amazing, like, a month or less before you leave:

-Station 22. Where have you been all my life?
-BYU Rugby.  Where have you been all my life?
-The dreamy Australian computer lab assistant. Where have you been all my life?


Farewell, Provo.  You've been good to me, you weird city.  A toast to a bountiful next 6 years of life!  Huzzah! Did I just toast myself?  I swear I'm not that narcissistic.  But it's my blog and I'm a college grad and I do what I want!



  1. Congrats Sarah! How exciting to be done!!

  2. Yay station 22 and BYU rugby!! Miss you Sarah! You absolutely must come to lake Powell this summer!

  3. Love love love. Congratulations Sarah!