30 September 2011

One Free Ride Closer to World Peace

For the past several months, I have been on a quest to find answers for world peace.  This is what I've got so far:  flash mobs, Jimmer's All-Stars, and hitchhiking.  Flash mobs made the list back in March because...well...unity is just beautiful!  Jimmer's All-Stars was added last week after I watched Jimmer and a gaggle of other NBA rookies play together for charity at the Marriott Center.  Surprisingly, it wasn't even the charity part that hooked me.  They could have been playing to campaign for Obamasaurus and I still would have been over-come with joy watching those former competitors join together as teammates to play the happiest game of basketball I've ever watched in my life.  As of Tuesday night, hitchhiking made the list.  Nothing promotes peace like picking up seedy strangers off the side of the road.  Especially when they look like this:

So, props to our kind benefactors who made it possible for Brett, Stephen, and I to tear up the dance floor (Also, dancing = world peace.  Seriously.) at Randi Olson's wedding reception.  We only had to wait there with that sign for 10 seconds.  Literally.  That's love.


  1. I went in to your dad's store yesterday about those donations, and he was asking if we still keep in touch. I told him I follow your blog, and he said you just hitchhiked to SLC and that maybe you would blog about it. How did he know?!
    Where do you get all your cute modest dresses?

  2. what happened to you that you had to hitchhike? i prob would have picked you up too---it helps that you were all dressed nice and not like homeless bums.