08 September 2011

On Foreign Language Acquisition (or, Utah's Homegrown Weirdies)

I write to you, humble readers, from the depths of the Jesse Knight Building on BYU campus, where the girl next to me is practicing Spanish 101 by reading her textbook out loud (keyword: loud).  Evidently oblivious that the only sound in this whole hall is coming from her own mouth.  "Yes!  We're conjugating today!"  she just cried enthusiastically.  To herself.  Or, perhaps she is speaking to me?  Should I respond?  Is this a conversation I should be participating in?  She might think I'm rude if I don't say anything.

I am wracking my brain for random Spanish phrases that I've picked up throughout the course of my life.  Mariposa (elementary school in my hometown).  Gato Negro (a beer...).  Permanezca sentado, por favor (Disneyland).  I think the last one should do the job.


  1. here's the most effective one: callete!! some people at byu are absolutely common senseless. makes me miss it...

  2. So the other day I was in the room of requirement... (that's where I study... jealous?) and this guy was there doing the same thing only I think he was trying to learn Chinese cuz he kept yelling, "SHIIIII" going up and down and all around with the tone of his voice! I thought he was trying to say a bad word! It was hilarious to say the least!