06 September 2011

Duct Tape

It's the miracle invention that solves every problem.  NOT.

If you drive a used car, you are aware that previously-owned vehicles come with flavor.  Character, if you will. My little beaut has a sun roof that likes to pop up when I drive over 60 mph, thus creating a hellish whistling noise that is enough to make any driver go insane.  So I did what any bright, college-educated, white, middle-class girl would do:  strap 'er down with duct tape!

Surprise!  Duct tape does not react well in conditions that involve high speeds and scorching sun.    

This is an 80%-accurate replication of my drive to California with Lani early this summer.  The heat was infernal, the wind was deplorable , and my car was wrapped in so much duct tape that it looked like a giant present to the God of Miserable Road Trips himself.


  1. I think your illustrations make your blog one of my favorites. Congrats on defeating mt timp!

  2. hahahaha! This is actually pretty accurate... with the bow and all! I love it!