04 January 2013

Superlatives of 2012

A selection of numerous highlights from the Year of the Dragon:

In January, I started teaching my first Romanian class, which also happened to be the largest class in the history of the course. Good thing all 23 of them were total gems.

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In April, I graduated from BYU, alma mater of the highest scorer and MVP of 2012 NCAA D1 basketball, the first Mormon to run for U.S. President, a Superbowl MVP, and Jeopardy's All-Time Champion. Oh, and the world's gooiest couples.

In May, I took a trip with the cuzzballs and Gma to Chile, where we ate the most seafood and saw the most volcanoes I have ever eaten or seen in a 2-week time span.

June was a busy month. I went hiking and camping in the best adventure destination in the Western States (my humble opinion) with three of the smelliest boys and one of the sweetest girls I know.

Also, my friend Sara Jarman and I climbed Germany's tallest peak.

Finally, I endured the hottest, sweatiest, most hellacious train ride from Hungary to Romania. My brains were literally (but not literally) boiling in my skull and melting out my nostrils. You know you'll be disappointed if I don't draw a picture of this...

Whilst studying in Romania, I met the goofiest Dutchman and the most fab South African.

In September, I moved to the DC Metro Area, home of the world's largest building, the longest escalator in the Western Hemisphere, the wealthiest county (oh ho ho), America's skinniest regional park, and the most infuriating law makers. That's a lot of superlatives.

In December, my colleagues voted me "Trivia Most Valuable Player." Anyone who understands my love of trivia understands that this is the greatest complement I've ever received.

That answer was way off...

They also voted me "Most likely to become President." Thanks, guys. This was the push I needed! HOLDEN-KNOPE 2024!

Also in December, I accepted my first big girl job offer.

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Cheers to a fab year!

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  1. Sounds like a pretty sweet year for you. Glad I was there for some of it :)