28 January 2013

The Land of Cotton...

...old times there are not forgotten.

As bummed as I was to not drive through Utah and see all my favorite peeps on my way to DC, Route 40 offers a world of gems, starting at about Oklahoma.

This is why the South is so great:

Highway Patrol officers will pull you over just to chat.

Your restaurant waiter will treat you like you've been friends for 20 years.

There are things on the menu like okra, fried green tomatoes, sweet tea, hush puppies, and biscuits & jam.

There are towns named "Lottawatta" situated conveniently by a lake.

And this is why Asheville, NC is my favorite city in the South:

All the men look like Scott Avett and all the women look like Scott Avett.

This works tremendously in my favor.


  1. is that a foodtography picture i see??

  2. I miss the south so much...and Asheville...good thing I still have The Avett Brothers.

  3. Well I guess I know where I'm moving

  4. Sarah! Next time you want to venture to Asheville, tell me! It's in my neck of the woods and I love that place!

  5. Dude. Annie. First of all, my mom took that picture and as she was taking it I called her a hipster. Second, I needed a picture of biscuits and jam! Foodtography Rule #37 states: Taking pictures of food is permissable if used to prove a point. Point being that biscuits and jam is not something you find every day on a menu. Greater point: Southern food is unique.