06 January 2013

Happy Sunday: Science, Religion and Eternal Truths

The Mormon Church is the only church that publicly proclaims the doctrine of Pre-Existence over the pulpit. However, I feel that the truth that we lived with God in Heaven before this life is an innate concept to many Christians, even if their individual denominations do not preach it.

My mom, born and raised in a very active Catholic family, always knew she lived in Heaven before this earthly, mortal life. She vividly recalls a time when she was four years old and made a comment to her mother and grandmother about how she was "waiting in Heaven for Daddy to find Mommy so she could come to Earth." The adults laughed and wrote it off as something that any cute little kid would say. But my mom remembers feeling confused as to why they thought it was funny. Years later she was visiting a recently-baptized friend in Italy who explained to her what Mormons believe, including the Pre-Existence. It's no wonder that she immediately recognized it as an eternal truth.

Like the chemist in the video, I am fascinated by the science of the universe. The more I learn about the intricacies of nature, the more certain I am of the existence of a Higher Power, even a loving Heavenly Father who created it all. And as my Heavenly Father, it's only logical that I once lived with him in a heavenly home and family, whereto I strive to return one day.

"Science and religion represent two independent witnesses of Creation. And we're told throughout the Old Testament that two or more witnesses are required in order to certify the truth. They are not opposites, but they are like the vision seen from your two eyes. If you close one eye and then close the other and alternate back and forth, you don't see the same things with the two eyes. But it is the combination of those two views which gives you three-dimensional perception and shows you a lot of things that neither eye by itself sees."

Science confirms faith.

Happy Sunday.

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