06 July 2012

Grim Reapings in Transylvania

Cluj is the capital city of Transylvania.  And boy howdy does it live up to every stereotype that just went through your head when you read "Transylvania."

Today I saw Grim Reaper (who, I'm sure, is some distant cousin of Dracula).

I kid you not.

I was sitting behind the building where my classes are held.  The university borders a little forest--more like a  thicket of trees.  And out of nowhere creeps the Grim Reaper!  Some old, psychotic-looking man with a massive sickle that I never imagined I'd see outside of a completely exaggerated horror film.  And I don't watch horror films. So basically I never imagined I'd see one of these things in the flesh. Grim just kinda creeped through the trees, gazing at the ground.  It was frickin weird, I tell you!  I would have taken a picture but we were far too close in proximity and that blade was far too threatening.

Should you happen to read any headlines in the near future, just remember you heard it here first. 

The Grim I saw wasn't wearing a cloak, but he was dressed in black.
The sickle is entirely accurate.

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  1. I love (and sometimes hate) the things you see in Romania. Never a dull moment.