27 July 2012

...aaaand we're BACK!

...by popular demand!

My 15 minutes of fame spread from regional to national, as I made an appearance on TVR1, Romania's national news station.  Apparently they liked what they saw on Transylvanian news a couple weeks ago and wanted in on the fun.

Again, I really don't understand the fascination.  There really is nothing of interest to report on.  No one cares that the Romanian government collapsed and that President Basescu is suspended from office.  And the "luxury" sex trafficking of young girls to government officials is no biggie. Nor is the fact that there are daily protests against the new socialist prime minister.

Nah. None of that is nearly as captivating as the fact that there are a group of foreigners living in Cluj, learning Romanian for the summer.  We had them at "foreigners."

My colleague, Daniel, and I were invited to be interviewed live by one of the anchors at TVR1 last week.  A 30 min. special all about us. The hot lights and cameras in our faces.  The anchorman desk with bar stools.  The commercial breaks.  I've lived one hour away from Hollywood for the majority of my life and yet I had to come all the way to post-Commie, 2nd-world Romania to make it on the big screen.  

The show isn't on-line, but they're sending me a copy of it in the mail, so I'll see what I can do about getting it up here so you can all see me look like a silly fool.  Some stupid language mistakes but it wasn't entirely horrendous. The best part was that the anchorwoman was definitely not dressed in the typical sold-colored blazer that we're used to seeing sported by our media figures in America.  Oooh no!  Why should she be constrained by codes of professionalism and class, when she can look this this! 


  1. Why do the most random things ever to happen to anyone always happen to you?

  2. I love this! Please upload this video so we can check out said anchorwoman's outfit. Also, calling Domnisoara Tanyo: weren't we supposed to keep in touch in the comments field of Sarah's blog? Va pup! Lixian

  3. Lixian! I've been keeping track of this blog via facebook because I haven't been able to post any comments here for some reason.... but this time I'm going to persevere just so I can say hello! Tanyo answers the calls of Canadians living in Norway. Also, Sarah, this post is wonderful. I also want to see the explosion of colour!