09 July 2012

2nd-World Problems

I'm not even surprised...

...that I've been in Romania one week and the water has been unexpectedly turned off for an entire day

...that there is a planned power outage for nearly the whole day tomorrow

...that one of the classes that is part of this summer course is "Painting Religious Icons on Glass."

...that my shower has no shower curtain and not even the option of a rod to fashion one myself

...that our tour guide at the Turda Salt Mine was wearing a t-shirt that said, "Sex Instructor: First Lesson Free"

...that I was interviewed by a Transylvanian news station, proving a severe lack of entertaining or otherwise pertinent news to report on [watch it here; read it here--I look like a fool and of course out of a 5-min. interview they chose the most retarded 30 seconds]

...that my room has 2 heaters and no AC.  [It got up to 98-degrees and like a million % humidity here in Cluj]

...that I can walk exactly one-sixteenth of a mile and hit up 4 different pharmacies [I did that today, during a break from class, and bought de-waxing ear cones and dirt cheap Retin-A--more Romanian gems]

Dearest Romania, I've missed you and all your quirks.  


  1. I think you look beautiful! Of course, maybe you sounded like a fool... idk.. i had to watch it without sound cause im at work.

  2. at least you didn't just stare at the camera and then proclaim, "romania, TE IUBESC!"

  3. Hey, that wasn't bad at all, good grammar and accent, you were just as good or better than some people who came fresh off the mish

  4. I can't believe you're fluent in Romanian. You crazy, son. And I want you to bring me one of your beautiful works of glass religious art so I can hang it up in my house someday.