09 March 2012

What my old-school music collection says about me...

So I posted every single one of my 8 billion CDs (CD?  What's a CD?  That's, like, soooo 10 years ago) on-line.  I have accumulated quite the impressive collection since 1997 when I got my first CD: Spice Girl's Spice World.  It is time to say goodbye.  I was holding on to them as part of my aversion for the iPod.  Though my relationship with the iPod has changed (read about it here), I refused for the longest time to get rid of them, as a way of manifesting my stubbornness against modern technology.

Anyway, this girl responded to my Craig's List posting, wanting the following CDs:

3 Doors Down
Matchbox 20
Audio Adrenaline (a no-name Christian rock group)
Dashboard Confessional
Bob Marley
Cinderella soundtrack
Titanic soundtrack

"This girl has really weird taste in music," I said.
My roommate responded, "Well they are all your CDs..."
I have really weird taste in music.   

1 comment:

  1. spice girls was totally my first cd too. our friendship was destined.