09 March 2012

Star Struck

Tuesday night I went out with my outrageous friend Chris and my roommate Lindsay to mooch off of Red Robin on their Free Oreo Shake Day.  Yes, I have an email account solely for the purpose of receiving junk coupons and deals from restaurants.  But not junk.  Nay, pure gold.

Sometime between Chris' predictable schmoozing of the waitress and the second round of bottomless steak fries, Lindsay spotted who she thought might be the blonde guy from the District 2 (for anyone who served an LDS mission within the last 2 years, you know what I'm talking about)--you know, the nice one that everyone likes who is companions with the loud, obnoxious one that apparently no one likes, but who was totally my favorite because he took no crap.  I was skeptical.  How could she tell?  He was facing away from us and wearing a baseball cap.  And he had his arm around a girl.  There's no way that missionaries from reality mission shows actually come home and lead normal lives, like date and eat out at Red Robin!

But, alas, it was him.  I was finally convinced when I saw the ENTIRE cast (except for the one that said he wanted to be a blue chair when he grows up....he was odd) filter through the mall entrance doors.  That one girl...with the short hair...don't remember her name.  She's super hot!  With long, dazzling blonde hair.  Goes to show that sister missionaries all look like death warmed over on their missions.  A shapeless, long skirt and dowdy Amish blouse will do that to a girl.  Don't pre-judge her.  She's probably a babe underneath.

So the three of us spent the rest of the night goggling at them, merely inches away, concocting plans of Chris asking the Latina girl out.  I only wish I had brought my White Handbook for them to sign.

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  1. I have no idea what you're talking about.
    BUT you have inspired to me to set up an email strictly for free/discounted stuff though.