05 August 2011

Return of the Jedi Rover

Wow.  MASSIVE failure at keeping up Da Blog while I was Eurotripping.  Sorry guys.  I know all of you in Malaysia and Jordan and Brazil and Greece (you can't hide from me!  Blogger Stats tells me you're reading this!) were hanging by a thread for a month, aching to know what was on my mind.  Again, I apologize.  But not TOO apologetically.  Because internet cafes "across the pond" (as the Brits say) cost an arm and a leg and a first-born child.  And when I say I'm "backpacking" Europe, I really do mean that.  Unlike the cheaters who take their laptops.

So, this is where my blog will take a rare veer off course and become slightly travel-loggy.  I'll do my best to minimize the loggy-ness while still providing ample detail of the past month's adventures.  And I'll spare you having to read all about it in one giant, wordy post.  So stay tuned (this time I won't let you down) over the next few days and you'll get the whole of it.

Last but not least, I shall leave you with a "janky cartoon" (dedicated to you, Annie) that highlights some shenaniganizing that took place whilst in London.


  1. as much as i love the cartoons, i just don't feel like they're completely accurate. is this seriously how you snuck in? where's your bro and Tom? include more details in your cartoons, please!

  2. OMG everything is accurate, except Tom and my bro sheepishly followed behind me but I couldn't be bothered to draw that. And I wasn't wearing purple.