24 August 2011



The other day I was moving into my new apartment for---let me think---the 8th time in 4 years.  I've become an expert mover...well, expert delegater really, since I always summon the strong and able to do most of the work (thank you, Scott, if you're reading).  Upon cleaning out the fridge, I happened upon an industrial-sized, unopened bottle of chocolate syrup.  I'm talking, like, massive.  Enough to mix chocolate milk for an entire Samurai army.  I don't use chocolate syrup.  But there's no way I was going to throw that thing away.  Obviously the only logical thing to do in this situation is to leave it on someone's doorstep.

So I walked across the street to some no-name apartment complex and placed the bottle on the first doorstep I came to.  And then rang their doorbell and ran.  Any comment you just made out loud or in your head expressing your pity for the fact that I'm a super senior at BYU and somehow have yet to learn how to act like an adult is understandable.

Well yesterday morning, guess what I found on my doorstep?  A giant box of coffee cake from an unknown source (may be questionable, but it was dang good and I'm still alive after eating it).  BOO YEAH.  It's called karma, folks.  And proof that God rewards nice people.  Remember what I said about London?  Yeah.  I hate to say 'I told you so,' but...

To all those who doubted my maturity:  I believe I had the last laugh this time around.

PS:  I won a Kindle today.  With little to no effort on my part.  I'll let you know when this good karma trip runs out...

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