18 August 2011

Wet Bandit

Never mind that I stole this nickname from the Home Alone robbers.  I am completely deserving of the title.  This was how my morning started.  My bathroom is undergoing a major face lift, so while it's being ripped apart my landlord gave me a key to another apartment in my complex.

6:00 in the A.M.  Pitch dark.  I figured I was safe in nothing but a towel.

La dee da dee daaaaaaaaa

WHOOOOA!  So I just ASSUMED that this apartment would be empty!  I mean, who goes around giving people keys to occupied apartments?!  Mistake?  Likely.  Well, this one was very much lived in...  But I really needed a shower.  All seemed fairly quiet.  Not a creature was stirring.  Not even a mouse.  I considered my options.  I had visions of me standing naked in a prison cell--only a towel to cover my vulnerability, a bottle of shampoo to survive off of, and a razor to dig my way out.  I decided to risk being caught and went for the shower.

They had a freakin' NICE shower!  I'd hand out keys to that baby any day!  I may have overstayed my welcome.  But I'm the only one to wake up at 6:00 a.m. in the summer, so I figured my house fellows would still be asleep.  

A speedy escape. Pure stealth.  I have to do this until the weekend, so let's hope I stay in smooth criminal game mode.


  1. HAHAHA! SARAH, I NEEDED THAT LAUGH. You are wonderful. And risky. Please keep me posted on this.

  2. Hahaha! This is hilarious. Oh the pranks you could play...

  3. i'm not gonna lie, i was really hoping that you would have gotten busted. That would have made the story even better!! nice crappy pics, by the way.

  4. HAHAHHA! Love it. For some reason, I thought the jaw-dropper was going to be that it was a male apartment. I guess I forgot you live in Provo. But wouldn't THAT have been interesting?

  5. This may be the funniest post ive read yet. Do work sarah holden. Do work.