06 July 2011

I See London, I See France! (Part Deux)

Instead of resurrecting my old Euro-backpacking blog (http://eurotrip-sarah.blogspot.com/) I'll just continue to post here.  No promises that I'll write that often (come on, guys.  Do you really expect me to take a blog break when I'm busy yodeling in the Swiss Alps and getting my jig on in an Irish pub? <---yes, I realize that last one is very easy to turn into a sexual innuendo).  So, stay tuned if you wish to see some photogs or read the occasional travel mishap story.  Believe me, there will be plenty.  Au revoir!


  1. are you really going to post pictures, or just give the janky cartoon version of your adventures? well, either way I'm excited to see. Have fun!

  2. Boo, I wish you were coming to Alaska instead!

  3. Make friends with a few gypsies for me, will ya?