31 March 2013

Happy Sunday: Christ is risen, indeed

I celebrated this rainy, yet lovely Easter morning at mass at the National Cathedral with Gma and company. I loved singing about the resurrection of the Lord accompanied by an angelic choir, a brass ensemble and an organ. There's just something so impressive about organs in massive cathedrals. At one point the reverend proclaimed, "Christ is risen!" to which the hundreds in attendance responded, "Christ is risen, indeed. Alleluia!"

This was repeated back and forth about 6 times and I was so overwhelmed with joy because that is exactly what I adored about celebrating Easter in Romania. For at least 2 weeks preceding Easter, and another 2 weeks following Easter, Romanians (and others nationalities that are predominantly Eastern Orthodox) greet each other with this same dialogue. On the phone, in stores, on the street...family, friends, strangers... For a month Christ and his resurrection are at the forefront of everyone's thoughts and incorporated into daily salutations.

May we remember the blessing of the resurrection always. Christ is risen. He lives. Through him the bonds of death are broken that we may all rise and live again.

Happy Easter.

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