29 November 2012

Untraditional Thanksgivings

I haven't spent a Thanksgiving at home, with my family, eating typical Thanksgiving food for what is now the 6th year in a row. I kinda like it that way. I've grown accustomed to the lack of custom. No tradition is my new tradition! One year at the Zion Lodge, they ran out of turkey. So we had Thanksgiving ham. In Moldova and Romania, we ate American delicacies like A&W root beer and marshmallows from the US embassy. In Mexico: fish tacos. And last week in NYC: pork, flan, and other Dominican dishes. Next Thanksgiving, I want to throw it back a couple centuries and celebrate at Plymouth Rock. 

2008: Zion National Park
2008: Zion National Park
2009: Chisinau, Moldova
2010: Bucharest, Romania
2011: Gonzaga Bay, Mexico
2012: New York City


  1. I hope you haven't thrown ALL tradition to the wind...carpet angels are sacred! I made sure to introduce Charlotte to them this year.

  2. Some would say that going to the Macy's thanksgiving day parade is as traditional as it gets!