26 November 2012

Personality Disorder

Those of you who know me best know that I'm super into personality-type tests. Ever since we met a shrink who specializes in human temperaments, it's become a pastime of mine and my family's to psychoanalyze people. That's not weird or anything.

So obviously I was sold on the organization I now work for when I was required to take 2 said personality tests within my first 2 months. GOLD. 

Upon reviewing the results of the latest test, I have discovered that I'm a lot weirder than I originally thought. I've always had cause to doubt, but things just got a lot more real here. It's time for serious self reflection when something like this happens:

One of these things is not the like other.
Yes, that abnormally long line spanning across the Blue and Red Zones is me.
Let me take the liberty of interpreting this graph for you:

Well in case you weren't sure before, now you definitely know that I AIN'T NO FENCE SITTER, PEEPS! 'Extremity in all things' is the philosophy I prefer to live by. GO BIG OR GO HOME, YA'LL. 

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