23 February 2012

A Mad World Milestone

To celebrate my 100th post on Mad World, I will write the very first thing that comes into my head.....

.....I hate memes.

Well, folks, that was pure, unadulterated thought freshly plucked from the mad mind of Sarah.  Happy 100, Mad World!

But wait, maybe I can expound on this....

.....ok, maybe not.  I have nothing intelligible to say.  Only that memes are annoying and trite and they suffocate my FBoo newsfeed and less than 5% of them are actually funny.

That's all.


  1. The meme example you used is definitely an internet abortion. But some other memes are funny. Like the condescending wonka meme.

  2. amen and amen. the six panel memes are NOT funny.