19 February 2012

Happy Sunday: Waiting on Our Road to Damascus

In light of the current presidential campaigns, my personal advocacy for Mitt Romney has caused me to consider again and again my role as a Mormon and if indeed there is a correlation between my religion and my politics. I always reach the conclusion that, no, I am not voting for him just because he is Mormon, nor am I so dense as to elect anyone to office just because we share common beliefs. All the Mormon hype in the media, however, has allowed me the opportunity to weigh the level of my devotion to my church. How converted am I? Do I accept something as truth just because I was taught it at church? Is it worth all of the crap that is plastered all over the media about Mormons?

I have questions about my religion. Shocking, I know. I am far from understanding everything, doctrinally and spiritually. But I think that the things the perplex me can be occasions for growth and development rather than hindrances to spiritual progression. All of this reflection on my faith has been a good reminder that conversion really is a continual process. As the video below stresses, we can't expect to be struck with a lightning bolt of perfect knowledge--a sort of night-to-day revelatory experience like Paul had on the road to Damascus.

When the going gets tough and I find myself questioning God's will for me, I throw out all the things I don't know and embrace the things I do. "I know that God lives and that He loves us. We are His children and....that knowledge alone is priceless."

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  1. Love your Sunday thoughts! Keep the inspiration coming :)