22 February 2012

Bucket List

I created  a sort of Bucket/To-Do list towards the end of 2008.  Since New Year's resolutions have always been a massive failure for me, this was my glorified attempt at conceptualizing my goals and keeping myself in check.  And I'm a total list person.  So this kind of thing works for me.

Failed resolutions:

I have a tendency to hold on to clothing items that I never wear but refuse to get rid of in case there is ONE time that it will be the PERFECT thing to have.  Halloween?  Themed parties?  What if those long, flowy, lesbian hippy skirts come back in style (please, no)? This year, I will pick 10 outfits I actually wear and sell all the others or donate them to naked orphans!!!!!

FAIL.  I couldn't give up the thought of needing an emergency pastel plaid pencil skirt for a golf tournament where my presence would be required.  Still have never been to a golf tournament.

Another year, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to volunteer to work with underprivileged kindergartners at a local elementary school.  I love children.  I love education.  Wow, this is perfect!  I'm such a nice person!

FAIL.  I imagined it would be like my kindergarten days when all we did was count cereal, cut hearts out of construction paper, marble paint, and feed the classroom pet parakeet.  Nowadays they learn everything the futuristic way.  By futuristic, I mean they use things like...compuuuuuters...to learn their ABC's.  And we all know what a retard I am when it comes to technology.  That crap was beyond me.  I couldn't handle it.  

So this is why the Bucket List is such a great thing.  I don't feel like I'm forced into making some lofty resolution that I never achieve.  They're actually things I genuinely want to do but don't feel pressured to accomplish them in a given year.  Over the past 3 or so years, I've crossed off quite a few.  Check it out:

Learn how to play the guitar. 
In my guitar class, we've finally moved on from "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain."  It took about a month. Now I can play Norah Jones. Never mind that it sounds less like Norah Jones and more like Peter, Paul and Mary. It's progress. 
Learn how to play the harmonica. 
Does "Taps" count?
Learn how to sew.
After hours of labor and constant supervision, I created an apron.  Domestic goddess!
Learn how to French braid. 
This one's kind of a hit-or-miss. 
Para-glide in Interlaken. 
Checked this one off last summer with my brother.  I wouldn't have rather done it with anybody else. 
Serve a mission.
I miss it.
Learn another foreign language.
My mission helped out with this one. 
Take better photogs.
Remember that photo essay I posted?  100%!  And my prof only gave out 3 A's.  I'm shamelessly bragging right now.  What!  I'm proud of myself!
Two....more....months.  I'm dyyyyying.
Travel to Chile.
This May!
Hike Machu Picchu.
Good thing Peru is right next to Chile!

There are still roughly 1000 more things on my list, but fortunately I have a lifetime to complete them.   

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  1. yay! i'm exactly the same way with the clothes resolution... also have you seen the day zero list? google it. also, gosh I finally get to see you tomorrow for the first time this week!