05 May 2011

Things That Make Me Feel Scholarly

  • a pony tail
  • a button-up shirt
  • a cardigan
  • a string of pearls
  • eating an apple on the way to class
  • carrying my books in my hands and not in my backpack
  • when those books are written by Homer
  • a professor who makes classical Greek civilization absolutely thrilling
  • when that professor knows how to make a bow tie work
It's been one of those rare days when I feel like one day I will grow up to be a brain surgeon, nay, a rocket scientist...


  1. You forgot to wear black horn-rimmed glasses and wear a pocket protector for your ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils.

  2. hahaha. My favorite is carrying your books. Why is that? But I feel the same. Of course, none of my books are written by Homer...